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zuluThis medium size Zulu hut is a replica of the huts built during the reconstruction of a section of the Royal Capital of Umgungundlovu during the 1980’s. King Dingane had the capital constructed during his reign (1828-1840). The hut is typical of the dwellings found in the then Zululand, which were traditionally constructed by men.

Characteristic of the traditional indlu (hut) is its beehive-style construction. The frame of the hut is made of sapling poles placed in a circle, bent inwards and lashed together. After the frame is complete, it is thatched with grass. The floor of the hut is made from a mixture of anthill clay and cow-dung. Once dry, the floor is covered with cattle-fat.

Builders from KwaZulu-Natal

Framework: John Mbatha & Zeph Sibiya

Thatch work and floor: Francisca Msimango & Ntombi Ngema

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