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School On Wheels

schoolMr W.A Joubert built the School on Wheels in 1923. This was in answer to a request by the school board secretary, Mr J.H. Coetzee. The classroom on wheels was the solution to the constant shortage in classroom accommodation. At the end of each year the standard six pupils from the surrounding schools came to Ermelo to write their exams and the classroom was utilized for this purpose. The School on Wheels has seating for 22 school children as well as a desk and chair for a teacher.

The undercarriage is that of an old steam threshing machine. A team of 16 oxen pulled the classroom. Because of its narrow track width, helpers had to walk next to the wagon to balance it with ropes.

The school was moved to the Transvaal Museum of Education in Pretoria in the 1960’s where it stood behind the Media Centre in Skinner Street for years. The school was transferred to the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site on 7 November 2004 where it was restored.

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