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Schanskop Amphitheatre

fort3This very exceptional, intimate open-air amphitheatre is part of the extensions at Fort Schanskop. Schanskop Amphitheatre was officially opened by a successful concert on 30 January 2001. The well-known actor, Carel Trichardt, performed at the opening ceremony as President Paul Kruger and handed the Fort to the Chairman of the Board of Directors for safe-keeping.

With seating for 357 people it is an ideal venue for Sunday afternoon concerts during winter or exciting music concerts on warm summer evenings..

There is also a huge demand for other functions such as weddings; youth group activities and church services at this venue.

If you want to book the Schanskop Amphitheatre, phone Hennie Coetzee on (012) 326 6770.

Should you like to enquire if this facility is available online, click here

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