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Replica Tanganyika Monument

tangThis is a scale model replica of the Trek Monument that was inaugurated on 16 December 1954 in Tanzania (formerly known as Tanganyika). The Trek Monument (1904-1954) was erected to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Afrikaners who settled in the then Tanganyika after the Anglo Boer War (1899-1902). The first group of 41 pioneers left Delagoa Bay in 1904 and reached their destination on 4 December 1904; an area between the Ngorongoro crater and Kilimanjaro.

A delegation of the Tanganjika Saamtrek Society approached the management of the Voortrekker Monument with the request that a replica of the monument be erected on the site to commemorate the centenary of the trek to German East Africa.

The Society collected all the funds and the Projects team at the Voortrekker Monument was responsible for the design and construction of the monument. The engraved stones, which form part of the seating, represent some of the different families who lived in Tanganyika.

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