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By die ATKV beleef ons nie net ons kultuur nie. Ons leef dit; van die oggend tot die aand, van biltong tot beskuit, van Ingrid Jonker tot Koos Kombuis, van Langlaagte tot Londen en Secunda tot Sydney. Want vir ons is ditmeer as net ‘n werk, dis ‘n passie en ‘n leefwyse. En dié passie is nie net ‘n gevoel nie. Dag vir dag voeg die ATKV daad by die woord met ‘n propvol program van landswye aktiwiteite en projekte. En uiteraard doen ons dit vir die pure tonekrul-lekker daarvan. Maar ewe belangrik is ons toewyding om kultuur te gebruik om mense wyd en syd in ons land toe te rus met die vaardighede en kultuurdiepte om die land van rugby en sonskyn verder uit te bou tot die land van hoop en geleenthede! 

Cape Riding Horse Club

Cape Riding Horses are known for their loving nature, trustworthiness as well as hardness. We have 20 Cape Riding Horses at the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve in Pretoria. We also have a riding facility situated close to Rietvleidam near Irene. Here we currently keep 30 Cape Riding Horses.

Church Square

South African Getaway Ideas

Exclusive Getaways offer accommodation in South Africa at top-class safari lodges, nature escapes and country retreats.

SA Tourmed

We are an organization who have a thorough understanding of the Travel, Healthcare and Insurance environment in South Africa. Over the past years, our staff have researched and studied the problems and difficulties experienced by visitors to the Region with regards to emergency medical provision.

Centurion Enviro Centre

Centurion Educational Centre (CEC) registered as Centurion Opvoedkundige Sentrum (CC 989737\23) uses different venues for their activities. We focus on environmental education and manage to implement educational programmes for schools, NGO’s and business communities.

Keder Country Hotel

The most preferable and most delightful residence for both business and leisure travellers. Experience fascination, power of Africa, experience Kedar Country Hotel.

The Centurion

News for the Community

Battlefields Region

The Battlefields Region prides itself in having some of the most knowledgeable, enthusiatic and helpful Guides in the the country.

National Women’s Memorial

The National Women’s Memorial, the first monument in the world dedicated to women and children, was unveiled on 16 December 1913.

The ABW-Monument

The Anglo Boer War (“ABW”) Monument in Paarl focuses on the struggle of the Cape Afrikaners and other Colonists, who actively supported, or were sympathetic to, the Transvaal and Free State republics in the ABW (1899-1902). It is a place of quiet contemplation where the harm and suffering which our forebears had to withstand during the ABW may be remembered: about the principles of Freedom and Justice, and those who fought for it.

Cannon Association of South Africa

We are a small band of enthusiasts who are determined to stop the loss and decay of the muzzle loading cannons which form a part of our national heritage.

The cannons have been ignored by state bodies unless they came off specified wrecks or were involved in one of the nations more emotional military encounters. Some cannons were already obsolete before Jan van Riebeeck was born, but by their nature cannot compete with distressed wildlife for attention, research, preservation and funding.


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