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Large Amphitheatre

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The Amphitheatre was built for the inauguration of the Voortrekker Monument on 16 December 1949. Located on the North-eastern side of the Monument, it is designed to house 20 000 people (seated) and 10 000 standing.

The Amphitheatre is ideal for big concerts and it has been improved to accommodate various events, such as functions, concerts and large church services.

The stage was covered with a continuous asphalt layer during March 2001, as the original covering was damaged and leaking. The Amphitheatre Hall has also been expanded to accommodate 1 000 guests and all the restrooms have recently been upgraded. Bookings to use The Amphitheatre for several different functions such as concerts, large church services and “Boeremusiek” competitions have already been received.

If you are interested in an open-air venue that can accommodate up to 20 000 guests and is centrally located in Pretoria, contact Hennie Coetzee at (012) 326 6770 / 323 0682.

Should you wish to enquire if this facility is available onlineclick here

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