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Genl. Piet Joubert Bust

joubertCommandant-General Piet Joubert was in charge of the defence of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic (ZAR) from 13 December 1880. He established theArtilleriekorps van de Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek and the Transvaalsche Rijdende Politie in 1881.  He will be remembered for his participation in the Battle of Majuba on 27 February 1881 during the First War of Independence (1880-1881). He will also be remembered for his role as the Chairman of the ZAR Fort Construction Commission that was appointed to oversee the building of four forts around Pretoria i.e. Fort Schanskop, Fort Klapperkop, Fort Wonderboompoort and Fort Daspoortrand.

As a result of the long restoration process at Fort Schanskop, the bust was never officially unveiled, but was placed outside the Fort on the eastern side with the official opening of the Fort in 1978. The statue was later moved to its present position inside the Fort.

Sculptor: Phil Minnaar
Completed in: December 1971
Cast by: Renzo Vignali Foundry
Weight: 200 kg
Pedestal: 2 tons of dressed granite


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