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Friends of the VTM and Blood River

Why such a club?
To involve members of the community in the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site and Blood River to raise additional funds.

Who can become members?
Any person who has paid the membership fees for the financial year. No provision is made for patrons or non-paying honorary members. Membership can be renewed annually and lasts from 1 March or thereafter until the end of February of the following year.

What does it cost?
For individual members: R250 per financial year (or part thereof)
For lifetime membership: R6 000,00

What will the money be use for?

To contribute to the financing of certain projects and the optimal utilization of the facilities of the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site and Blood River.

Are there any other rights associated with membership?
Membership is an honorary association, without members having any direct say in the management of the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site. Members who are paid-up before 15 January, may vote at the Blood River AGM. Input and advice from members will nevertheless be appreciated.

Who manages the club?
The Managing Director acts ex officio as convenor of the Club and accepts responsibility for the effective management and functioning of the Club.

What do members get in exchange?

  • A special certificate and lapel button.
  • A special membership card to obtain free entry to the site for the card holder and one sedan vehicle per
    visit. (All other entry fees are still applicable for guests.)
  • 10% discount for the Sunday afternoon buffet at the Monument Restaurant for a members plus one
    person, excluding beverages (special membership card must be presented).
  • Invitations to the following at a reduced price:
    • Special meals and other special social and cultural events.
    • Guided tours to related facilities and institutions.
    • Other events organised to promote culture or to raise funds for the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site or Blood River.
    • Life-time members will be invited to at least one additional function or activity as guests of the Chief Executive Officer.

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