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1938 Rock Pile


During the laying of the corner stone of the Voortrekker Monument in 1938 thousands of stones were brought from all over the country by the people attending the festival. The stones were piled on top of each other from 13 to 16 December 1938. Festival-goers also used stones found on this Heritage site.

The secretary of the Central People’s Monument’s Committee declared that the rock pile would serve as proof that the Afrikaners of 1938 appreciated the religious and material heritage that had been left to them in 1838 and that they would undertake to preserve the heritage undamaged for the Afrikaners of 2038. The rock pile would serve as a symbol of the passionate yearning for national unity.

The main aim of the rock pile was to build a replica of the Church of the Covenant (Pietermaritzburg) on this site. The piling of the stones therefore took place on a cement floor inside a circular wall that was opened on 22 November 1938. The rock pile was cemented together and the plan to build a model of the Church of the Covenant was never realized.

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